Actor. Dancer. Singer. Adventurer

Bethany Fay

                                                            My name is Bethany Fay. 

                                                            I am an actor currently residing Kansas City, Missouri. My favorite things                                                                  in life are my husband, Alan, our daughter, Piper, dog, Bilbo, and our fat                                                                  cat, Arnie.

                                                             I grew up here in KC and was surprised to find myself back "home" after                                                                  living a little all-over for a few years.

​                                                              After receieving my BFA in Musical Theatre from the Conservatory of                                                                       Theatre Arts at Webster University in May of 2014, I moved to Brooklyn,                                                                   New York. To start our life together, Alan and I decided to give life in the Midwest another go. We miss the city every day but love that short drive to Target.

Besides performing and directing, I love my boring "adult-life" desk job where I find new Excel secrets every day. I live to explore the world with my best friend and adventure-buddy. I enjoy keeping up with television-shows, a cold shower after some hot-yoga, and playing board games with friends.

May my every action be for the glory of God.

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